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Growceanu is an angel investing platform.
Our members avail their expertise, network, and money to help promising entrepreneurs grow their high-tech startups.

Our mission

Our mission is to catalyze early-stage investment in high-tech startups by providing our community of investors and entrepreneurs with a set of essential tools, processes, and educational resources to unleash their full potential to generate wealth and improve the quality of life.
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Our members portfolio

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The License Management App Ecosystem.
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AI assistants that automate entire departments.
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Artivive is the augmented reality platform for art. This new technology allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art.
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An investment platform that provides access to moonicorns in CEE, a growing community of like-minded investors, and best-in-class tools and education.
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The Data Analysis Bureau

Edge AI for IoT. Build and scale AI solutions faster, more privately and cost effectively for IOT, powered by state-of-the-art Federated Learning & distributed ML-Ops.
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Educational marketplace for healthcare professionals.
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Digital assistant for medical professionals.
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Use our live shopping solution to connect with your audience and establish trust. Selling products becomes fun and engaging.
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Your Favourite Restaurant Meal Kits Delivered To Your Door.
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Sypher helps you find and fill gaps in your organization's ability to demonstrate and maintain GDPR compliance.
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Upgrade Academy

Start on your path towards your dream university. Our team of Ivy League and Oxbridge alumni will help you all along the way your journey to top universities in the US and the UK.
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Electric cars by the minute, delivered to you.
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Simplifies investment and portfolio management by bringing real-time, audited startup metrics on the investor dashboards and data systems.
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OncoChain aims to improve the quality of oncological care by creating a framework to facilitate collection of real-world data and provision of value-based care.
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Rents apartments from landlords and guarantees the rent payments for the entire lease period, no matter what. Landlord or tenant, never worry about anything from letting to repair management, vacancies, utility bills or home goods insurance.
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Helps busy parents to find trusted and verified sitters in a safe and easy way.
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One of the first European standalone product, offering a complete, integrated, modular, multilingual, private and secure Communication and Management Platform specifically designed for child care services.
Follow-up round raised

EmailTree AI

End-to-end solution to increase email productivity, automate email composition and automatically solve complex tasks through robot process automation technologies.
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Rayscape, previously known as XVision, is the complete digital assistant that provides radiologists Artificial Intelligence tools for better decision making.
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Is an integrated telemedicine system that offers 24/7/365 real care to real people.
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Web based end-to-end digital leasing solution for office spaces worldwide.